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HEALTHCARE AND HOUSEKEEPING PRODUCTS (Hotels, Hospitals and Restaurants)


Products for Dishwashing Machines including Detergents, Additives, De-scaling agents and Deodorizers
Detergents for hand dishwashing
Products for kitchen cleaning including ovens, hoods, refrigerators, freezers, doors, walls and smutted kitchenwares and also de-scaling agents for kettles and samovars



Powder detergents for different cloth colors and materials
Powder stain removers for different cloth colors and materials
Cloth softeners & neutralizing liquids
Prewash detergents for dirty cloths



Air Fresheners
Carpet Shampoos
Ceramic and stone Floor Waxes
Glass Cleaners
Scale Removers for bathtubs, dishwashing bowl, toilets, etc.
Cleaners, Antiseptic, Fresheners for hand washing, equipments, bathroom, surfaces and public places.

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