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Goals and Missions

To produce industrial chemicals locally
To create jobs in the country
To reduce the demand for importation of similar products
To deliver after sales services which is not available for the imported products

Natawest Chemical Company

To limit the hard currency exports based on the following facts:
  a) The imported products contain various raw materials which many of them are either available or can be produced locally utilizing Iranian work force.
  b) The price of the imported products is several times higher than the price of contained raw materials which due to surcharges for "Know How". Moreover the cost of the raw materials used in imported products is higher than their local equivalents.


The required warehouse space will be reduced. This means that the required space for the 1-2 years inventory will be reduced to the space required for 1-2 months.
The cost of keeping the required inventory will be reduced due to the fact mentioned in the above paragraph.
The quality assurance is guaranteed due to the easy access to the supplier.
The formulation of the products can be modified based on the changes in the applied conditions and to cope with the relative changes.
The expiry date of the products will be extended because of shorted delivery time by the local supplier.
The shipping and handling costs will be reduced because of shorter distances between the manufacturing plant and end users facilities.
The quality of the products will be better preserved because the products will not be exposed to heat and cold conditions prevailed in the custom's warehouses.

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