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• The company has a long history of producing and supplying industrial chemicals to the Iranian market. In 1987 the company was restructured and new highly educated partners, with excellent local and international experience, joined the company with the aim of strengthening our team.

The company's name was changed to Natawest Chimi. Then we focused our main activities toward producing and supplying the industrial chemicals needed by Iranian industry at the time when the international supply was curtailed due to Iran / Iraq war environment.

Natawest chemical company labratory

Natawest Chemical Co. based its activities on research and development of the new products and the new products were supplied to the local market in 1988. We expanded our activities according to the same philosophy and since have succeeded to formulate and produce more than 200 products using around 150 raw materials. Our success in the market, have been enhanced through our technical services which have been available to our customers for better application of our products.

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